10 Aug 2016

Zaini's Guesthouse

We spent three days at Zaini's Resort in Janda Baik, hoping to watch the Perseids. Unfortunately on both nights, though we saw quite a few stars (just the brightest ones), it just wasn't clear enough to see meteors. We were 6 families, and so we booked most of Zaini's guest house.

The ClubHouse at Zaini's, which we booked, was the main hangout area for all the kids. Initially it was booked for two families and four children, but of course, all the kids wanted to bunk together, so we ended up with 14 people in this spacious guesthouse. We all lined up pretty much like sardines, adults in a row, children in two rows, girls one side, boys on the other.

The "ClubHouse" which housed 15 of us.

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The children mostly hung out here to play board and card games.

Nel enjoying a read by the narrow, fenceless balcony.

The large field where the kids played Capture the Flag.

On the first night we lay there watching stars till 2 am. Alas no perseids,  but while lying there on our mats we heard a loud crash. A friend shone his powerful torch and we all spotted an owl with a mouse in it's beak. Whoah! That made the wait outside worth it. By 2 am..when clouds wouldn't part we went to bed.

Since it was Jo's birthday, hubby who only arrived at night brought a surprise cake for Jo, so there in that cold weather we sang happy birthday to her and feasted on moist chocolate cake.

A short but refreshing getaway.:)
To book, I texted Ciku at the number below.
Mobile Tel (Cik Ciku): +6013 969 5592 

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