23 Sep 2015

Play-Doh Shape a Colourful Community 21st-27th Sept

Hi Everyone, this is Jo. 
This is my first playdoh competition ever, and also my very first blog entry. I love moulding Playdoh as much as any kid. And I'd be really really grateful if somebody could give me a big ammount of playdoh! 

When I was young, my mum used to make lots of playdoh for me, especially using stuff like expired flour. I had lots of fun. So when My mum received this invitation below in her email, I got very excited!!!

Dear Parent Bloggers!

 We have an exciting blogger campaign, celebrating Malaysia's first-ever PLAY-DOH Day this year, and we would really love that you can be part of this special occasion! :-)

This will be two-part campaign, starting with a pre-event program, followed by an invitation to the PLAY-DOH roadshow.

Kindly find below the e-invite for your consideration.  If you and your family or friends are interested, please let me know by Sept 1, Tues, and kindly provide your address where we can courier the PLAY-DOH pack to you. :-)

Have a colorful rest-of-the-week ahead!

Thanks much!

 I was very excited when the package arrived and i started molding figures at once. Since Malaysia is a multi cultural nation I chose to create our three main races. I made a Malay lady, a Chinese and an Indian lady. 

The invitation said to create things that represent Malaysia and i thought hmmm...Malaysia is famous for its food. So i also sculpted Capati, Fried kuaw-teow and Nasi lemak.
I also made the twin towers out of the container in which I received the free playdoh, and lastly a hibiscus flower.

    Here is my final presentation.

                 The  Chinese lady was tired of posing so she fell asleep.
 The hibiscus was molded based  on my memory of the hibiscus in our garden. Do you like it?

                There was no red in the package they sent me so i had to go with orange coloured curry!
There was no brown either, so I mixed pink,orange,green and purple to make brown skin.
I hope you like my creation of Capati,  Nasi lemak and Char-kuew-teow with prawns and fish cake. There was no white either, so I used a bit of clay I found to make the lump of rice and boiled egg in my nasi lemak.

I forgot to add a stand, so she's a little tiny, but cute. :)

Yummmm.....does your mouth water looking at my playdoh creation?

Finally, if you're free on the 26th September 2015, 10am, do go to 1Utama to be part of "Playdoh's Most Number of PlayDoh sculptures Created." Hopefully it'll be long enough to get into Malaysia's Book of Records! Thank you for reading my first ever blog post!


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gail said...

Sweet Jo, you did a wonderful job! I am so very proud of you and your creativity. God truly blessed you with this talent.

December 26th is my birthday so I hope you will be thinking of me on that day.

Much love, "Auntie" Gail

Martha said...

DEar G, Jo typed the wrong date! We've corrected it to Septemter now. But we will remember your birthday come December! :)

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