1 Sep 2014

Camping Pasir Panjang, Segari- Setiawan

A short post on our recent camping trip. Sometimes it is nice to travel without a camera, to enjoy and experience the days, totally involved, instead of looking through the lens.
And that's what I did. Thank you JaneDfor these photos.

Except for a few people fishing, Pasir Panjang was rather quiet when we were there, perhaps because of the fasting month.  We camped in the forest reserve area where there are public toilets (which were locked!). The beach, I read, stretches on for about 8 km, not very ideal for swimming though because of the very strong waves and the gradient of the seabed.

For the children, as long as there was the beach, water and good friends, the camping was an awesome time for them.

Lots of crabs there. We trapped these with some left over fish. Then we released them back to the ocean.

Jo found this lovely creature. Googled and found out it is a Bristleworm.  It swims really fluidly and is a beauty to look at. Caution...remember not to simply touch marine life, many can be really poisonous!

For dinner at our campsite, a friend got bamboo from the lemang seller. We stuffed these with marinated fish. Some of the kids and mums helped in cleaning, cutting and marinating the fish.
The kids stayed up late, lighting some fireworks, watching the crazy activity of crabs running up and down the beach, and stargazing. Some preferred feeding the fire, watching the flames dance and turn colours.
After everyone had turned in, my husband and I, and another friend took turns guarding the campsite as we noticed some seedy fellows lurking around during the day. Always wise to take turns playing sentry especially when camping in an isolated place that is yet, near the town.
Apart from camping......

Day 2, we went Kompyang hunting. When in Setiawan, must try Kompiang. This particular shop had more modern equipment, and really delicious Kompyang. When we got there (8am!!!), they were sold out, and only gave us 5 pieces. So, always prebook a few days in advance, especially if visiting during public holidays.

Kompiang still baked traditionally in an urn fueled by charcoal.

We also managed a visit to a mee suah factory. Was really interesting watching the process, and these village people were generous in sharing their information of how meesuah is made.

These hardworking people wake up at 2am to begin kneading dough. Once done, they begin pulling the dough using a homemade gadget (picture below.) Once strands are formed, they're hung in a dark area to let the dough gradually droop and lengthen.
Where the first dough is stretched.
Once the dough has drooped to desired length, it is taken outdoors, where the end of the stick is inserted into a hole, and the dough is gradually pulled through a swinging, pulling action. With that, the dough is stretched and seprated into thin strands. After several hours, the stretched dough is pulled/swung again for a second stretching. I've a video of that, but have decided not to put that up to protect privacy of maker. According to the person who made it, it takes about one and a half years to really master the art of pulling and stretching the dough.
We then went hunting for good food. This place was recommended for it's Hockchew red wine meesua and kondo mee, which is really different from the one you find in KL.  Another really great place to eat Hockchew food though is Happy Restaurant.Go early or call to reserve! When we got there, only through negotiation, they allowed us to have the last table. Food was oh so good!!!

Other places in Setiawan which we've visited so far include- The museum by the church about the first Christian settlers in Setiawan. Turtle Sanctuary. Chilli Sauce factory at Kampung Koh. Malayan Flourmill (special permission needed.) Cottage industries.  Prawn hatchery by the ocean.

So...although a tiny town, I think Setiawan is quite worth the visit!

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gail said...

Always great adventures! Miss you on fb.

Divoo said...

Your posts about your camping trips and the lovely pictures always inspire and educate us. Thanks for sharing these experiences with us! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate ? Email me at nurul.aini@zalora.com.my. Hope to hear soon. Thanks!

Linda said...

Very nice series of photos!

Martha said...

Hi Gail....will be back after a period of break. Miss you too, and thinking of you. :)

Hi Div, most welcome. Camping is such a wonderful way of allowing children to love and appreciate the world.

Linda. Thank you. :)

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