21 Aug 2014

The Witches and Ballet

Early this year, Jo auditioned for the part of Bruno in the Witches (By Bubblegum Project) and got it! It was about 3 and a half months of intensive rehearsals, during which she had to work very hard on voice projection, diction, memorization of script, actions etc. I never thought she'd make it, considering her playful personality, but hey she did it!! The Witches showed for one week, (20/5-23/5)10 shows, back to back, and daily she had to be up by 6am. It was a struggle, but I think my little gal did well! She received great reviews, and some people came up to her and told her that she was their favourite character! She even got paid. Out of the pay she received, believe it or not, she gave some to me for driving her up and down! :)
As for Nel, she was involved in her ballet school concert, which also meant weekend rehearsals. My not so little gal anymore did well! The teacher says she's come a long way. Nel is an introvert, and when she started, she wouldn't even look the teacher in the eye at all. She still finds it difficult but is improving. She's been involved in the church dance production and ballet school concerts. The fact that she's able to dance on stage and smile is great victory for her.

I'm proud of both my girls. Little steps mean big celebration for us. :)
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