17 Mar 2014

A Walk in FRIM with Prof Ille Gebeshuber

Well, we were supposed to head to the canopy, but alas, we found out that FRIM's canopy closes at 2:30pm, and we arrived at 2:30pm, too late. :(  In the end, FRIM was nice, in that they allowed us to book a nature guide on the spot. Cost was RM120.

So off we went to the jungle....oh such a lovely break to be in the cool jungle after being stuck at home  for days with no water (water rationing) and horrid haze on the outside. The best part of it all, was barely 10 minutes into our walk, it began drizzling, then pouring like crazy!!! Oh...the children gleefully jumped through puddles, collected large leaves to use as umbrellas, laugh, observe, play...twas so much fun.

I told my kids, that was the best fun I've had in ages, the rain sure melted away the grouchiness that I've accumulated from being stuck indoors.

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