16 Feb 2014

Kuda Kepang

Feb 16th  -Publika Black Box

I've always wanted to watch a Kuda Kepang show, to find out more about this particular form of dance. So when we found out that a Kuda Kepang troupe from Johor was gonna perform at Publika, we went. Well, I won't describe in detail what my children thought of the show, but basically, they preferred the Wayang Kulit outdoor show that we attended at Rimbun Dahan last year.
 I guess, burning of incense and smoking among performers indoors made the Kuda Kepang show a little unbearable. I found the show intriguing but a lil "chaotic" three quarters through when the performers began going into trances. Anyway, a few photos from the show.

Kuda Kepang

Sharing a cigarette before the show

Holding a coconut, and eventually biting husks off as performer gets into a trance.
Female performer in a trance

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