23 Jul 2013

Having fun with Ink Monsters

I stumbled upon this video featuring Stefan Bucher one day and really loved his creativity, the way he did monsters especially.

 So we decided to give it a shot.
Bought some ink, straws, ink dropper, black inked pen of different tip sizes and had some fun with the kids and their friends.

Ink dries fast, so the children found that they had to drop the ink and blow hard and fast! (Tip: Cut different lengths of straws and find what works best for you.)
NEL's Art

 Nel adding lines to her blob of ink to create a masked man. Ahem..notice her right arm, I had painted a portrait of her on her arm using face paint.

Two other ink monsters by Nel
Joniq's Art
This below is Jonq's (Jo's friend) first ever attempt at art with ink. First you drop the ink, blow it in any direction. Then carefully turn the paper all around and see what sparks your imagination. Based on what you see, turn your ink blob into a monster of some sort.

Jo's Art
Below are Jo's attempts. She liked it more colourful so added colours using Sharpies.


Ian's Art
Below is Ian's work, judging by the focus and details he put in, I think he really enjoyed this activity.

Have fun trying, if you haven't already. Only, make sure to cover your table first if you don't want to end up cleaning like mad like I had to after the activity. Cheers!

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gail said...

This could prove to be messy!

Martha said...

cover with paper first. Try it with Belle..if you do, I'd love to see where her imagination takes her.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Looks like the kids turned out some pretty ugly monsters. What great fun they must have had.

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