15 Mar 2013

Self Portrait

Today we discovered  that the face is about the size of the hand (well..just slightly larger). Based on that, we placed our hands on the paper, and marked out the position of the middle finger, the fifth finger and the wrist.

We then drew the outline of our faces, head starting just slightly above the middle finger mark, ending at the wrist-mark. Once done, we drew a line vertically down the middle of the face, then a horizontal line where the fifth finger mark was, and another line half way between that and the chin.

A drawing book we have, suggested drawing a triangle to help guide position of the eye, nose and mouth. So we did just that. Eyebrow on the 5th-finger line position, then below it, a triangle. The nose goes exactly on the middle line, and the mouth ending before the tip of the triangle.   

We've worked on eye and nose drawings in previous classes before, and so the girls added their own while looking in the mirror. What we added today were shadows on the face. We talked about light source, and noticed the highlights and shadowed areas. Based on that we added darker colours, and smoothed them down with our fingers.

Here are the self portraits....really err...they look quite different from the actual person...but a good start.
Nel's self portrait
A younger friend came over today and joined us. These are Sharl and Jo's self portraits. (Jo in blue.)

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gail said...

Wish I could go to your school...

Divoo said...

those portraits look cute and i'm tempted to make San do one. :)

thanks for sharing the fact that our face is almost as big as our hand is!

marie said...

I think these are fabulous! I have no drawing skills whatsoever but did take a drawing class in college. It didn't help :) But now I have a greater appreciation for how much skill it does take.

Mini Mocha said...

These look great and I didn't think about hand size, thanks.

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