19 Feb 2011

May I pound the garlic please?

 Garlic … I love its aroma, especially when it goes into my sizzling hot wok. I love the flavor it adds to my cooking, and I love that it has health benefits. So I use it often, in most of the dishes I prepare.
 What I also love about it is that my girls loves pounding it for me, which gives us wonderful bonding time in the kitchen.
Being a working mum doesn’t allow me the luxury of spending hours and hours in the kitchen. Whatever I do has to be quick and efficient. Thus, I’ve found that the fastest way to peel my garlic is to pound it in a mortar, then peel its skin off. That way I can de-skin many bulbs of garlic at one time. My girls got so intrigued with this, especially my 5 year old, who has taken a love to cooking.

So, often when I’m about to start cooking, she comes running into the kitchen and asks excitedly “how many garlics mum? May I pound the garlic please?”

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